About us

The First Credit Bureau is one of the largest technology companies in Kazakhstan with the most up-to-date database of credit histories and more than 30 products in the field of predictive analytics for the financial market.

In the credit ecosystem of the FCB there are more than 200 suppliers-recipients of information. The FCB in Kazakhstan is the leader in the development of predictive analytics services based on the most current statistics on lending. The FCB database has more than 30.5 million contracts. FCB's goodwill is estimated at 12 billion tenge.

The FCB uses the most advanced technologies of machine learning and artificial intelligence in its applications. The FCB is the leader in scoring modeling in Kazakhstan. The FCB has over 11 scoring maps. The Company's partner map consists of international companies - leaders in their field, such as FICO, SAS, as well as national holdings and operators: Government for Citizens GC, Kazpost JSC, NIT JSC and others.

Our Mission

Credit reports

Formation of credit histories of businesses and individuals in order to provide information about them in the form of credit reports

Providing assistance to clients

Providing assistance to banks and financial institutions in a timely identification and mitigation of legal, economic and reputational risks when dealing with customers

Calendar creating

Creating payment discipline of borrowers and motivating them to repay loans

Financial services

Provide access to individuals and legal entities to financial services by increasing the transparency of the information contained in the credit histories


Stabilizing of information field within the credit market

Our founders