Connection procedure

How to become the fcb client

To register with the FCB an organization must provide the following documents:

Mandatory documents:

  • Statement on registration with the FCB
  • Copy of the certificate (statement) of state registration / re-registration of the legal entity / individual entrepreneur (IE)
  • Notarized copy of the license to carry out lending operations (for licensed activities)
  • Certificate of VAT registration
  • Information about persons authorized to request information from the FCB (name, position, contact data: mobile, office phone, email address)

Upon the request from the FCB:

  • Copy of Charter
  • Order on the CEO's entry into office or extracts from the minutes on the CEO's appointment
  • Copy of CEO's ID

The Contract for providing information and obtaining credit reports is of standard form and contains conditions similar for all participants of the FCB system. The standard contract covers all aspects of interaction between the FCB and the Client - the provision of information and obtaining credit reports, payment for credit reports, confidentiality and responsibilities of the parties.

Contract and conditions of cooperation

Договор о предоставлении информации и получении кредитных отчетов включает в себя 5 приложений, которые являются неотъемлемой его частью::

  • 1. Annex #1 «Certificate of discrepancies in the billing data» - should be filled out in case of discrepancies in the billing data and submitted to the FCB within 3 working days;
  • 2. Annex #2 «Report on investigation results related to discrepancies in billing data» – Results of an investigation on billing discrepancies, which should be checked by Parties not later than the last date of the month following the reported period. Approved by the Parties the number of credit reports received and amount payable;
  • 3. Annex #3 «Statement of billing discrepancy» - should be filled in case of discrepancies in the billing after the first three (3) working days of the month following the reporting month, including the detailization of discrepancies;
  • 4. Annex #4 «Pricing chart» – prices of credit reports specified in groups.
  • 5. Приложение №5 «Требования к использованию информационно-коммуникационных технологий и обеспечению информационной безопасности при организации взаимодействия кредитного бюро и клиента» (в соответствии с Постановлением Правления Национального Банка Республики Казахстан от 27 сентября 2018 года № 228).

After the conclusion of standard contract the specialist of the FCB Client Services Department is assigned to the Client who will be in charge of communications with the Client on all business matters.

As participants of data exchange process, Clients of «First Credit Bureau» LLP have the opportunity to:

Quickly and effectively determine the creditworthiness of potential borrowers on the basis of information received from the FCB
Manage credit risks, mitigate risks and protect themselves from the negative effects of cooperation with unfair partners and customers
Considerably influence the discipline in performance of obligations for its partners and customers, both existing and potential
Establish new channels of communication with target groups
Expand the services market by expanding the customer base

Our clients

Contact details

On issues related to cooperation, you can contact the Department of Customer Relations.

Raikhan Latypova
Department Director

+7 727 300 01 82

Elmira Apsenbetova
Chief specialist of the Department

+7 727 300 01 79

Elmira Uaiys
Chief specialist of the Department

+7 727 300 01 60

Dinara Tusupova
Chief specialist of the Department

+7 727 300 01 57