Contestation of the information

If you do not agree with any information contained in the personal credit report (PCR), you should contact an information provider with the application for the correction of inaccurate information, or to FCB with an application for the contestation of the information.

You may apply to the FCB within 15 working days of the day of receipt of the PCR. The FCB will consider it within 15 working days from the day of receipt of the application, and will send a request to an information provider who has supplied the disputed information. The information provider must consider the request within 10 working days and provide a response to the FCB. On the basis of the response received from the information provider the FCB will communicate the corresponding result to you. In case of any adjustments made by information providers, you will be provided with a corrected PCR (in case of contestation of PCR, a corrected PCR is also provided).

Contact details

On issues related to FCB services for individuals/entities, you can contact the Department of Work with Individuals.

Indira Karlybayeva
Department Director

+7 727 300 01 59

Zarina Tokhtabakiyeva
Chief specialist of the Department

+7 727 300 01 56

Ainur Kuanyshova
Department specialist

+7 727 300 01 62


Only incorrect information supplied by banks and financial institutions can be contested. Information from State database (for PCR+) and other sources can't be contested.

The FCB has no right to make changes or additions to your credit history.

Price for service:

Free of charge