Subscribe to Unlim

Subscription Terms

During the Unlim campaign any individual can receive an unlimited number of PCRs within a year (365 days) from the date of subscription.

  • The cost of subscription is 2500 tenge including VAT.

Contact details

On issues related to FCB services for individuals/entities, you can contact the Department of Work with Individuals.

Indira Karlybayeva
Department Director

+7 727 300 01 59

Zarina Tokhtabakiyeva
Chief specialist of the Department

+7 727 300 01 56

Ainur Kuanyshova
Department specialist

+7 727 300 01 62

What is required for subscribtion for Unlim service on our portal:

  • a payment card issued by any Kazakhstan bank (for service payment).

Price for service:

2500 tenge